Our Facilities

Our Facilities

The Bar Mill

The LMB Bar mill was originally installed and commissioned in 1986 following the refurbishment of a redundant four strand Rod Mill. It was transformed into a modern and highly efficient single strand merchant bar mill.

Since then, through continued investment, it has undergone major changes and improvements. The most recent updates were new Finishing and Intermediate Mills (2004) followed by a Roughing Mill upgrade and new Universal Stands (2007). The latest enhancements also coincided with an increase in our feedstock from 120mm to 140mm square billet (both 13m in length).

At present the mill has a capacity of 300,000 tonnes per annum, supplied by a 80 tonnes per hour top fired pusher furnace and comprises of 16 stands, 3 inline automatic shears and a laser reflex gauge for accurate measurement of the hot rolled bar. The bars are cooled inline on the 48m x 12m walking beam cooling bed before being sheared, stacked and bundled according to customer requirements.

The mill, shears and stacking equipment can be configured to produce many different sections including flats, rounds, equal angles, unequal angles, PFC’s (channels) and IPE’s (I section/beams) in lengths up to 12 metres.

The Light Section Mill

Our Light Section Mill is capable of producing 100,000 tonnes of steel per annum in a variety of sections. The mill consists of an independent 3 high roughing mill which feeds a 10 stand continuous mill. The reheating furnace uses recycled coke oven gas supplied by our neighbour, British Steel, and is rated at 35t p/hr.

The mill and associated equipment were supplied and installed by Danieli in 1995 to produce a range of light steel section products, including flats, equal angles, rounds and squares in a range of sizes to a maximum length of 6.4mtrs. The mill is fully automated and incorporates cutting to length flying shears, inline dimensional measuring equipment, inline straightening and non-magnetic fast stacking equipment capable of matching mill speeds.

Since 1995 capital investment schemes have increased the product size range while rolling tolerances have been tightened with the introduction of new equipment.